ANX Kpop Jpop battles will be coming to AniFest 2020! ANX has been a show that regularly tours throughout the United States, and is a leader in organizing dance competitions in the convention scene.

Their show at AniFest will be “Galaxy Bounce” which is has the posted rules:

  • 2-Song Medley cap (those doing Jpop can do a 3-Song Medley cap).
  • Solos will be accepted but have a lower rate of being passed on as this would be catered to teams.
  • You can sign up for both to better your odds, but may only be passed on for one.

Visit their discord chat at

We are thrilled to have ANX in our programming lineup at the Torino main stage. Please regularly check our schedule for updates.

If you are part of a Kpop or Jpop dance crew, you can sign up to perform:

View their YouTube channel at


AniFest 2020 has been rescheduled to Q4 2020 or Q1 2021. Please look out for updated news on our social media and website!

All vendors and ticket purchasers have been e-mailed. Our social media has also been updated to reflect our announcement.