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The AniFest Legacy

Friends from an online convention fan group (Anime Convention Fans) aspired to create a small local anime event along with their colleagues from Cal State Fullerston’s Titan Con. Through trial and error, they have persevered into what is known as the first ever “Anime Festival” to take place in the United States. The members of the event made the differentiation between an Anime Festival to an Anime convention by it’s mix of outdoor attractions, lower price, and traditional festival quailities. 

Japanese Cultural Exposition Group, Inc.

As AniFest grew into a larger event, the members saw the need to incorporate their 501(c)3 status. Events hosted under the AniFest flag were already operating under a non-profit model. In addition to hosting festivals and smaller events, JCEG, INC. also regularly sponsored and supported other registered non-profit entities that shared the same vision and professionalism. Since it’s inception, AniFest has operated as an IRS recognized 501(c)3 Non-profit charity. 

City of Torrance

We pride ourselves in hosting our festival at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center. The City of Torrance has been very kind to our organization and supportive of our vision and what our festival has to offer. Torrance shares many of our shared values, and the Torrance Cultural Arts Center has accomidated our requests with above-and-beyond support. We will continue to host our event at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center for many years to come. 

California Anime Foundation

Our partner organization California Anime Foundation hosts Anime Los Angeles, 

Japan Product Promotion

Since 2016, AniFest has been a part of the biggest Japanese Festival in the United States- OC Japan Fair. What started as a small festival just like ours, turned into one of the largest Japanese festivals in the world. AniFest hosts the “Cosplay Showcase” along with additional stage programming, media work, and event production for our non-profit partners. 

Nova Vita Foundation

Our 2022 event marked our first partnership and collaboration with Nova Vita Foundation. 

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