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Nov 29, 2022 | AniFest 2023

We are thrilled to have @meow.mythical as a guest to AniFest!

About Meow Mythical:

Meow Mythical first got her start in the cosplay community right here in Torrance about 9 years ago! She’s been to 30+ conventions all over California, and this will be her 3rd time attending AniFest!

Meow Mythical was the winner of the 2018 OC Japan Fair cosplay contest as well as the 2022 SoCal Anime June cosplay contest. She has two years of cosplay contest judging experience, and has also been a reoccurring cover model and feature in JapanUp! magazine for cosplay and her knowledge of Japanese culture and the language.

Meow Mythical is thrilled to be back in her hometown for AniFest! She can’t wait to see everyone at the convention!

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