Candy Bomber

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We would like to welcome Candy Bomber to AniFest!

About Candy Bomber

Candy Bomber is a J-rock and Anisong cover band formed by six musicians of various backgrounds, with the fiery Shounen Spirit for music and providing endless entertainment to the people. As Goku from DBZ exclaims, “Give me Energy!!!” Candy Bomber brings the Genki-dama to the stage that pumps up the crowd with their unapologetic nerdy puns and song selection that heavily involve audience interaction. Inspired by Fire Bomber from Macross 7 combined with Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice, Candy Bomber takes the standard “Rock Band” and fuses it together with different genres of music to capture a unique sound that is very much their own …“BOOYAH!!” Not to mention, Cosplay and Wota-gei is greatly welcomed and encouraged as the band will be dressed in group cosplay and call guides are prepared for the show! The audience is sure to break sweat and hear their familiar favorite jams from Anime and J-Rock…are you ready to Catch’em All?

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Visit Candy Bomber at AniFest, and find us at @anifestorg
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January 17, 2019

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