DJ Appare x AniParty

I am DJ APPARE! Anisong DJ in the USA!/DZD Member: Grape-Kun the Penguin/ A-PART Member: Akari

AniParty is the premiere U.S. anime song (anisong) DJ club event which draws influence from the “anikura” (アニクラ) subculture of music nightclub event, popularized in Akihabara, Tokyo. Anikura centers around “Akiba-kei” music which consists of anime songs (OPs, EDs, and insert songs to anime series’, video games , and visual novels), idol music, as well as popular fan-created works such as Vocaloid and Touhou. Similar to fans of idol live performances, the crowd at anikura events is generally well versed in coordinated cheering and chanting known broadly as “wotagei” (ヲタ芸).


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January 31, 2019

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