Phoebe – Feebeechanchibi

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We would like to welcome Phoebe – Feebeechanchibi to AniFest!

About Phoebe – Feebeechanchibi

Get ready to smile, sing, and dance with fuwa fuwa fairy tale idol, Phoebe! She hopes to reach your heart with her songs. Known online as Feebeechanchibi, Phoebe has been posting her singing onto Youtube for over 10 years and is best known for her covers of popular anisong like “Violet Snow” and “Miraikei Answer.” Phoebe is signed onto a Japanese record label, has performed with idols and seiyuu from Japan such as Haruko Momoi and Diana Garnett, and is currently working to release original songs with her idol group PhEri. Most recently, she self-produced her debut original single, “Moon Garden,” which released in early 2020.

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