Roli Angels lemon at AniFest 2019

Roli Angels Lemon is the spunky, genki, energy filled performer that bring you authentic Anisong from Japan! Find her electrifying performance, yandere personality, and a “forever smile” that makes her irresistible to you!

Roli Angels is a duo 2.5D idol group from Nagoya Japan, with the slogan, “everyone can enjoy us!”. Roli Angels has toured all over the world, from Japan, South America, the United States, and is now headed to you to AniFest!

Lemon is the cheery one in the group who loves Dragonball Z and Mayuyu-san from AKB48! Her dream is to be mainstream in Japan, America, Jakarta, and all around the world. Her favorite dessert is puru puru pudding :3

Find Lemon on her Twitter at twitter.com/Leeeeemon_angel


See Roli Angels live in their concert appearance on YouTube:


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January 8, 2019

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