Shoko (ShoyuKatsudon)

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We would like to welcome Shoko (ShoyuKatsudon) to AniFest!

About Shoko (ShoyuKatsudon)

Shoko (ShoyuKatsudon) is a Taiwanese American utaite and anisong performer known for her versatility, singing songs ranging from cutesy idol pop to ballads to soft rock. She is most well known for her covers such as Your Reality (A Cappella) and Kawaki wo Ameku on Youtube. This past year, she started releasing original music with future bass producer, Ayiko, providing vocal arrangements and Japanese and English lyrics, and had her debut concert with Anison USA.

Shoko has worked with Japanese labels and producers as a vocalist and lyricist, and is currently a senpai maid at Arcane Cafe. An introvert through and through, she hopes to connect with fellow anime lovers through sharing and creating music and memes. In addition to music, she dabbles in art, audio engineering, and voice acting. When she grows up, she wants to be a cat.

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