Sound and Stage Engineer

AniFest is seeking a capable and experienced sound engineer with at least 1 year of experience as a stage/sounds manager.

Day to day tasks:

  1. Check your e-mail daily for updates from the team
  2. Work with the operations team for appropriate stage layouts
  3. Build an internal team of volunteers to help assist in deployment of the equipment at the day of show


  1. Knowledge of sound mixing, especially for Yamaha-branded equipment
  2. Knowledge of high-pass filtering, high-z, reverb, feedback suppression, equalization, and other audio technologies
  3. Knowledge of cabling, and cabling types (XLR, DMX, 1/4″, 3.5mm, analog, combo plugs, extenders, DVI, HDMI, VGA)
  4. Adaptive and versatile with cabling, extensions, wireless systems, and more

Your background:

  1. Must be fluent in English
  2. Must be able to comfortably lift and transport 30 pounds or more
  3. Must have an internal toolkit, clerical equipment, and other necessities with you
  4. Must have reliable transportation (ride sharing such as Uber/Lyft does not qualify as reliable transportation)


  1. Previous convention experience as a manager
  2. Previous experience as a vendor, exhibitor, or artist
Staff Application
Please select two or less departments.
Please include references, and media that can validate your experience. Please note that this description may be posted as your profile's description
Ride sharing is not considered reliable transportation.
We will not call you, this is strictly for emergency purposes.
We use Facebook business for our team management and communications.
All staff members of AniFest are volunteers who give their time and effort to help support animation in the United States.

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October 23, 2018

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