Anime Festival May 5th | 3330 Civic Center Dr Torrance, CA 90503

Photo by @jwaidesign

VertVixen is professional costume designer, 3d artist, twitch partner, and content creator on YouTube.

Photo Credit: BlizzCon – Blizzard Entertainment

VertVixen started in October 2013, and has created award winning costume pieces with elaborate detailing and finishes that mimic real steel and iron. Her signature pieces include Arthas Menethil the Lich King from World of Warcraft, which gained significant media attention during Blizzcon 2016 and won Fourth place overall. She has also worked for several companies on a professional level including but not limited to THQ Nordic, Blizzard Entertainment, Twitch, Hex Entertainment and Sideshow Collectibles.

Her awards and accomplishments at other events include:

  • 2nd place overall at TwitchCon 2016
  • 4th Place at Blizzcon 2016
  • Best Craftsmanship in Fabric and Sewing: Long Beach Comicon 2015
  • 2nd Place Journey Man Division: Phoenix Comicon 2014

She has collaborated with weapons prop makers Coregeek Creations, and continues to create eye-popping designs for tradeshows, events, and more.

VertVixen has also been active on YouTube providing great tutorials on cast molding and 3d printing. Her YouTube can be found at, where there are over a dozen tutorials for aspiring cosplayers.

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