Inspired by anime and cosplay, otaku lifestyle artist WHEREDAWAIFU began developing his trademarked brand WAIFUWEAR in 2015. Since its official launch, he has taken the grassroots approach in bringing his brand to conventions in California, Las Vegas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, and Indiana, promoting his #WHEREDAWAIFU movement while equipping waifus across the states. Sharing his ideals and championing the notion that all #WAIFULIVESMATTER with everyone he has met, WHEREDAWAIFU is on a mission to take the term back from the otakus who limit the identity of waifu to body pillows, figurines and 2D/3D characters, and is giving it back to the real life waifus that are otaku themselves. He believes that it’s #ALLWAIFUEVERYTHING or NOTHING, because without waifus, which we all love so much, there wouldn’t be otakus in the first place. Through his brand he is responsible for arranging the 1st Official Cosplay Guest Spots of: @fiona_nova, @rileysinpai, and @tenderbroembrace and takes great pride in helping up and coming cosplayers take their craft to the next level of professionalism and entrepreneurship.

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April 5, 2018