Be a part of something - AniFest

AniFest is seeking talented, committed, and professional volunteers who want to build a long-term relationship with the existing team and staff events into the future.

Benefits of volunteering include:

  1. Free Badge plus a volunteer shirt
  2. Networking with the industry’s best
  3. Free meals and drinks throughout the event
  4. A resume and CV building experience

All applicants will be given a thorough background check from our staff and in adhering to professional ethics.

A violation of professional ethics is defined by the following:

  • Any convicted criminal record in the past and/or present.
  • Accounts of gossip, hearsay, and otherwise slander against individuals or organizations.
  • Termination of membership or employment from prior organizations due to misbehavior.
  • Any instances of public or private defamation or slander towards an individual or organization.
  • Excessive complaints, accusations, or criticism on social media, whether or not directed at any specific target.
  • Listed on the industry blacklist
Please select two or less departments.
Please include references, and media that can validate your experience. Please note that this description may be posted as your profile's description
We will not call you, this is strictly for emergency purposes.
We use Facebook business for our team management and communications.
All staff members of AniFest are volunteers who give their time and effort to help support animation in the United States.