Chris Niosi

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Feb 12, 2023 | AniFest 2023

We are thrilled to have Chris Niosi as a guest to AniFest!

About Chris Niosi

I have over 10 years of voiceover experience – my major credits include “Reigen” from Mob Psycho 100, “Shaiapouf” from Hunter X Hunter, “Karna” from Fate/Apocrypha, “Dezel” from Tales of Zestiria, “Therion” from Octopath Traveler, several recurring characters on the Cartoon Network series OK KO: Let’s Be Heroes and various featured characters in the Pokémon and Gundam series. I’ve also been an internet personality known for my creative works, having produced an animated series and a video game called “Terrain of Magical Expertise”. I have over 125,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel, of which I produce weekly content.

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