Mighty Rumble

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Jan 26, 2023 | AniFest 2023

We are thrilled to have Mighty Rumble as a guest to AniFest!

About MightyRumble :

Hi! I’ve been cosplaying since 2012 at Anime Expo 2012!
I have always believe that cosplaying is a form of self expression and appreciation towards the characters, game, and series we choose to represent. it’s not always easy stepping out of the house and choosing to cosplay at an event. it takes courage. Despite cosplaying this long, I always find myself learning to grow new skills thanks to the cosplay communities! everyone that I have come across has been nothing but supportive! Because of the success I’ve had with the previous and current cosplays, I have more upcoming projects underway and I’m hella stoked to bring them at future events

#anifest #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayjudge #masquerade #cosplayshowcase

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