Stephanie Southerland

Industry Guest

We are thrilled to have Stephanie Southerland as a guest to AniFest!

About Stephanie Southerland:

Stephanie has portrayed fierce female leaders like Jean Gunnhildr in “Genshin Impact” and the mighty Freyja in “Fire Emblem Heroes”. She then effortlessly switches gears to lighten the mood and add a dash of whimsy, lending her voice to the title role of Polly Pocket in “Polly Pocket Adventure Studio” and the cute but not-so-smart Natasha in “Rainbow High”. Going against her true nature, she relishes voicing the sassy bully Glitch, also in “Rainbow High.” Stephanie breathes life into the terrifying Nokken from “God of War: Ragnarok”, and an upcoming AAA video game where she plays, well, a chicken!

#anifest #voiceactor

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